The best possible quality all year round

Oerlemans is the specialist in the field of tasty and enticing products fresh from the farm. Vegetables, fruit and potato products are cultivated in a fully controlled process, and harvested and frozen at exactly the right moment.

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Oerlemans vegetables are freshly frozen. Within a few hours of harvesting, the fresh vegetables are blanched and frozen using the flash freezing system. And so they retain optimum flavour, texture and appearance. You can choose from mono-products, mixes and complete, ready-made meal components.

Potato products

Oerlemans potato products are very popular because of their excellent flavour and crunchiness. Made from Dutch potatoes, and pre-fried in vegetable oil to guarantee a top-quality range. There is plenty of choice, with numerous varieties of French fries and potato specialities, such as slices, rissolées and croquettes.


Oerlemans fruit is picked and directly frozen with the greatest possible care. There is no better flavour and bite. The Oerlemans range of frozen fruit is ideal for quick and easy desserts or smoothies. Apples, strawberries, cherries, plums and a variety of fruit mixes add colour to any meal.


The Oerlemans frozen herb range is ideal for portioning in whatever amount you need, without waste. Freezing the herbs ensures retention of flavour and colour in your basil, dill, garlic, parsley and onions.


The range of Oerlemans certified organic products includes certified vegetables, potato products and fruit.Oerlemans aims to achieve a high degree of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in all its products. The experience gained in organic products is applied where possible in regular cultivation.