Oerlemans Organic with respect for people and the planet

As one of the pioneers in the field of organic cultivation, Oerlemans has great experience in all aspects of organic agriculture.

The “organic” term is protected by law. Only controlled products may be certified organic and carry the organic logo.

Skal is the organisation responsible for monitoring the process.

Organic cultivation at Oerlemans takes place as follows:

  • Fully-controlled cultivation by organically certified farmers
  • No use of chemical pesticides or artificial fertiliser on the farm

The range of Oerlemans certified organic products includes certified vegetables, potato products and fruit.

Sustainable and sound

Oerlemans aims to achieve a high degree of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in all its products. The experience gained in organic products is applied where possible in regular cultivation.

Organic Vegetables Mono

The Oerlemans Organic range includes a quickly growing number of Mono vegetables, to comply with guests’ ever-growing demand for sound, quality products.
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Organic Vegetable mixes

Oerlemans has now also included a number of vegetable mixes in its Organic range. This has made it so much simpler to create a soup using only organic vegetables, or an organic stir fry.
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