Vegetables, an indispensable part of any meal!

There are hundreds of different flavours, colours, fragrances and shapes in the world of vegetables. There are so many different varieties, and let's not forget how healthy they are. Oerlemans does everything possible to retain the natural flavour and texture of all vegetables. The quick freezing process directly after harvesting helps retain keep the natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

We have divided the range into 3 groups: mono vegetables, vegetable mixes and processed vegetable components. The mono vegetables are a single variety, in which you have a choice of various sizes. The vegetable mixes are a mixed weight of vegetables, quick and easy to use in soups, stir fries and casseroles.


Mono Vegetables

Vegetable mixes

Oerlemans offers more than 25 different vegetable mixes. Cheerfully coloured mixes of varied, but always complimentary vegetables. From Oriental stir fry mixes and garnishing mixes, to soup mixes and stew mixes. The mixes can all be easily portioned, and added as necessary. The vegetables have been washed and pre-cut in various sizes, depending on the application. Read more...

Ready-made meal components

Using Oerlemans ready-made meal components, you'll soon be serving a complete and balanced vegetable dish for example Red cabbage with apple, or Spinach à la Crème.
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