5. What exactly is the difference between organic agriculture and regular agriculture?

Organic agriculture tends to let nature go its course. The most important standards for organic agriculture include:

  • The use of synthetic fertilizer is not permitted. Animal manure, compost, nitrogen rich vegetation and a few natural products are used for fertilizing.
  • The use of chemical pesticides is completely prohibited. Crop rotation (not replanting the same species continually in the same place), natural resistance in plants and animals and natural pesticides are used to prevent disease and plagues.
  • A great deal of care is given to ensuring that animals have friendly living conditions. Animals are given plenty of space, pens with straw and access to free range outside.
  • Pharmaceuticals for livestock on farms may only be used to eradicate disease and not as a preventive measure. It is not permitted to add standard medicine and growth hormones to the animal’s food.
  • No genetic modification is used in organic production.