7. Where can I buy Oerlemans products?

Both our 'freshly frozen' and our organic products can be bought at supermarkets. Click here to find a supermarket near you. Our organic products are not available at the bio-specialty shops.
You can find Oerlemans organic vegetables in the freezer section at C1000, EmTé, Golff, Jumbo, Kom@rt, Konmar, Plus and SuperdeBoer.
Oerlemans 'freshly frozen' vegetables are available at Bas van der Heijden, C1000, Digros, Dirk van den Broek, Edah, Jan Bruins, Konmar and SuperdeBoer. Although the above-mentioned shops, in principle, should have the products in their assortment, it may be that your local shop does not have them in stock. In this case, just ask in the shop. They can then order the product for you.