8. Why is it that a frozen product may not be frozen again after defrosting?

Freezing is a 100% natural method for preserving food. By freezing fresh vegetables, the growth of bacteria is halted, whereby the product can be preserved for a longer period of time. When a frozen product defrosts, the ‘halted’ bacteria have the chance to grow and reproduce. If the defrosted product is re-frozen, the bacteria development, which occurred while defrosted, halts, however they remain in the product. When the product is defrosted for a second time, these bacteria will grow even faster. If the product contains too much bacteria, it can be hazardous for your health (food poisoning).
Furthermore, re-freezing is not good for the product's taste and texture.
However, it is not the case that a product, which defrosts a bit on the way from the shop to your home, is less safe for your health. As long as the product is not out of the freezer for too long, and the product temperature does not exceed 6°C, the safety is still guaranteed.