A new look for Oerlemans

In May 2014, Oerlemans Foods is introducing a new packaging line. From that point on, a large number of products will be packaged in a new film which connects to the new look and feel of the Oerlemans brand. It is meant to bring it up to date – fresher, clearer and more modern. The new packaging is much less damaging to the environment and therefore responsibly sustainable. The product quality remains unchanged and, of course, of the highest possible level.

Oerlemans Good Food
Good Food forms the basic comprehensive range of fresh frozen vegetables and vegetable mixes of Oerlemans. Each and every item in the range is a high quality product for the professional in food service.

Top Gastro
The Top Gastro range consists of a series of frozen vegetable and vegetable mixes of excellent quality. Top Gastro products offer, as the name suggests, an exquisite selection of taste and sight-improving components to chefs for use in their own culinary creations. 

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