Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability is a part of Oerlemans daily business operations. An overview of the main points are:

Fair business:

  • Natural growers ; Oerlemans products are grown, harvested and  produced with respect for nature. We mange our own growing areas which are situated around the processing factories. This enables us to harvest and deliver the raw products to the factories which are then processed within five hours to preserve freshness
  • Intensive  cultivation support; Oerlemans Foods oversee all growing aspects of the products up to harvest. Growers are advised by Oerlemans Foods cultivation team on watering, use of natural fertilisers, processing details and varieties to be grown. Because we manage the whole production chain, we are chain responsible
  • Bicycle plan and/or company fitness for all employees


  • In 2020 realizing more than 10% energy saving (compared to 2014).
  • 89% of all organic residue streams from Oerlemans Foods be recycled.
  • Our sites have modern water purification plants that ensure that only clean water is discharged into the public sewers.
  • Limited use of water per kg product because of efficient water use.
  • With the introduction of the new Oerlemans Brand package in 2014  we can save 20%  on packaging foils.

Consumer :

  • 100%  use of sustainable RSPO1* certified palm oil for the preparing the pre-fried potato products (as of 2013).

Community involvement & development:

  • Cooperation with industry associations VIGEF2** and VAVI3*** in order to realise sustainability developments such as energy and water consumption, land use for growing, seed breeding, supply chain management, image-building of processed vegetables
  • Member realized Kids University, including healthy nutrition for children.
  • Provision of goods to the Foodbank of North Limburg (region around the production facility)

*RSPO1: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
**VIGEF2: Vereniging van de Nederlandse Groente- en Fruitverwerkende Industrie
***VAVI3: Vereniging voor de Aardappelverwerkende Industrie