Oerlemans Foods is a reliable grower/producer, partner and co-packer of ‘freshly frozen' products, supplying products under the Oerlemans umbrella brand (vegetable, fruit, and potato products), the Keizer brand (food service potato products) and, if so desired, under a private label or house brand.

Oerlemans Foods has a very wide range of ‘frozen-fresh’ vegetables, vegetable mixes, herbs and fruits. A complete range of vegetables and fruit of perfect, consistent quality, which Oerlemans Foods can supply all year round from stock. For a competitive price, with the best conceivable price/value ratio.

The Keizer range has a wide range of ‘frozen-fresh’ potato products like French fries, sliced potatoes, Pommes Rissolees, potato croquettes and hash browns.  The potatoes used for the Keizer range are carefully selected so that we can guarantee the highest quality.

Grüner Korb & Menu Master
' Frozen-fresh ' vegetables, delicious potato specialities and fine fruit, form the Grüner Korb selection, especially for the German market. With the Menu Master products, you can quickly prepare delicious soups and full menus. Because of the varied assortment you can endlessly vary. Best quality of à la carte!

Mise en Cuisine
Oerlemans has introduced convenience soups. Prepared from the best ingredients, with pure vegetables as the basis. Mise en Cuisine soup starts from all the goodness of vegetables and is completely clean label, exclusively prepared with pure and honest ingredients. With the introduction of Mise en Cuisine concept, Oerlemans Foods has responded to the increasing demand within the Foodservice Channel for pure and honest products that offer convenience as well. Apart from the soups offers Mise en Cuisine also á la crème products, vegetable with cream, this is an ideal and easy way to prepare a delicious side dish with sufficient vegetables.

Private label
If required we can produce all products as house brands. Our flexibility enables us to comply with your every demand.