Oerlemans has extensive experience of most foodservice markets, such as institutions, restaurants and hotels, which enables us to offer a wide range of vegetables, potato products and fruit. Our various mono products and mixes go to make an attractive and tasty presentation of the food on the plate. Working with Oerlemans frozen products creates flexibility, variation and tasty and healthy meals. Our organic products especially comply with growing demand for more sustainable and healthy products within the foodservice sector. 

Here are a few of our “fresh ideas”:
 • Frozen fresh vegetables in handy portions, including spinach, endive and many others.
 • Tasty vegetable mixes for soups and stir-fries. 
 • Bio-organic vegetables, potato products and fruit. Bio-organic certification ensures even tastier and healthier products.
 • Frozen fresh fruit for preparation of desserts and smoothies.

 The convenience of frozen products is gaining acceptance and research has shown that frozen fresh products often contain more vitamins and nutrients than “fresh” products.

Oerlemans is one of the pioneers and market leaders in the field of bio-organic cultivation of vegetables, potatoes and fruit.   Oerlemans has its own growers who are certified as organic or bio-dynamic producers for this segment of vegetables, potatoes and fruit cultivation. More and more Oerlemans products are grown and produced according to organic principles, where possible.

Oerlemans quality complies with the highest international standards: BRC, IFS, HACCP and EKO.

Oerlemans: fresh ideas for frozen vegetables, potato products and fruit. 

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At Oerlemans Foods, we believe strongly in a personal approach. Together, we can discuss many possibilities in the field of varieties, growing methods, processing and packaging, in order to reach the right solutions.
Our people are trained in appreciation of flavour, culinary preparation methods and everything to do with vegetables, potato products and fruit.

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