About Oerlemans Foods

As a grower, producer and supplier, Oerlemans Foodsspecialises in freshly frozen vegetables, fruit and potato products. Oerlemans offers a wide range of over 1000 high-quality products to meet the requirements of its customers in international foodservice, retail, industrial and export markets.

In addition, Oerlemans Foods is a European pioneer in the field of organic and bio-dynamic cultivation of vegetables, fruit and potato products.

Oerlemans Foods exports to more than 50 countries, both in Europe and further afield in the Middle East, Far East, North and South America.

Products are sold under the Oerlemans brand name (vegetables, fruit and potato products), the Keizer brand (food service potato products) and under a private label or own brand, if required. Oerlemans Foods is of course IFS and BRC certified.

Oerlemans Foods applies the principles of natural agriculture where possible. This includes limiting artificial fertilisers and pesticides, supervision of growers with organic principles and timely harvesting with respect for nature.

Oerlemans Foods has its roots in the southern Netherlands, and has grown into a business with branches in the Netherlands, Poland and the UK.