Oerlemans frozen vegetables are the tastiest because Oerlemans has control of the entire chain.

The products marketed by Oerlemans are grown, harvested and produced with due respect for nature. 

Oerlemans Foods manages its own produce areas, which are situated around its various national production units. This enables Oerlemans Foods to obtain the required raw produce directly from market gardeners based in the Maas/Rhine area and from various international production areas. In addition, Oerlemans Foods works together with the most important international suppliers. The long-term contracts are entered into based on the quality and required quantities that are to be delivered.

Since Oerlemans Foods manages the entire chain itself, it can achieve its goal: To deliver a complete range of ‘freshly frozen’ vegetables, fruit and potato products all year round from stock, according to strict specifications and quality requirements, to Europe, within 48 hours of the order being placed.

The time between harvesting and the end product is kept to a minimum. Within just a few hours, the harvested products are processed into freshly frozen end products. This ensures that the minimum quantity of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are lost. This is why Oerlemans Foods prefers to refer to ‘freshly frozen’, rather than ‘deep frozen’. Our ‘freshly frozen’ products therefore will always manage to pass, with flying colours, a comparison test with ‘fresh’ products! 

Oerlemans Foods’ international distribution centres
These distribution centres are situated around production sites in the Netherlands and abroad. Our products are distributed all over the world from these distribution centres. Transport is provided by our own contracted distributors. This enables us to work with a flexible distribution plan, ensuring that the products are delivered to their destinations quickly and on time.