Oerlemans production process

Due to having control of the entire chain, Oerlemans Foods has complete know-how of the cultivation, harvesting and production processes. This allows Oerlemans Foods to continually initiate improvements, reacting very quickly to the specific wishes of clients.

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The Oerlemans production locations are right in the middle of the growers' fields. And so the time between harvesting and processing is only a few hours, for maximum preservation of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The steps in the factory process are as follows:

  • Arrival - quality control of the harvested products
  • Washing
  • Blanching
  • Selection of Oerlemans quality
  • Freezing
  • Cooking of a production sample – tasting - check of criteria such as flavour, firmness, texture, colour and fragrance
  • Packaging 

Each step is accurately monitored and registered.

Freshly frozen is naturally good

Due to Oerlemans Foods having control of the entire process, we guarantee that the time between harvesting and processing into end products is kept to an absolute minimum. The Oerlemans products will pass a comparison test with ‘fresh’ ones, with flying colours!